Pakar Grandstand with Tip Up Seats

The Most Versatile Grandstand System

Our Grandstand allows an easy and fast installation, thanks to our ingenious modular system. The mobility of Pakar Seating Grandstand makes it very cost effective because of its quick assembly and disassembly that allows to use it at different locations in a short period of time.

Pakar Seating Grandstand is Versatile

Pakar Seating  Grandstand is Perfect for Racetrack, it can be designed to suit any Racetrack turn’s shape in order to offer the best view and let your spectators enjoy the action!

Versatile Grandstand

Pakar Seating Grandstand system is so versatile that it’s suitable for any type of event as Golf Competition.

The Most Versatile Grandstand.

Safe. Stable and Comfortable 

Get in touch with us now and let us know about your Grandstand requirements. We will be glad to assist you and to propose the most suitable solution that fits your budget and your needs.

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Examples of projects that can use Pakar Seating Grandstand:

Grandstand for Stadium

Seating solution for Beach Volley

Grandstand for Beach Volley

Seating Solution for Racing Track

Grandstand for Racing Track

Grandstand Bleacher solution for Festival

Grandstand for Festivals

Permanent Grandstand

Permanent Grandstand

Grandstand for Tennis Court

Grandstand for Golf

Grandstand for Golf

Grandstand for Futsal

Grandstand for Futsal

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