Our Grandstand is extremely versatile

We manufacture and design Grandstand that is suitable for any type of event, indoor and outdoor. Our Grandstand is stable, safe, comfortable and cost-effective. Pakar seating Grandstand, makes use of a Hot Dipped Galvanized High Strength Steel scaffolding, pre-assembled frames and Ring-Locks system, it makes Pakar Seating Grandstand the easiest Grandstand to install and dismantle. Each part our Grandstand has been designed to make the whole Grandstand implementation process straight forward and trouble-free. Pakar

Seating Grandstand variations:

  • Grandstand capacity (Number of seats)
  • Grandstand seats distribution (Number of rows)
  • Grandstand Width
  • Grandstand Height
  • Grandstand depth
  • Grandstand Slope
  • Grandstand seat spacing
  • Grandstand row spacing
  • Grandstand access
  • Grandstand seat’s type
  • Grandstand shape
  • Etc.

Our Grandstand is a modular system which can be adapted to different scenarios.

A single block of our Grandstand can be divided into several blocks to be reused in smaller projects, by just planning extra safety rails. Our grandstand can be quickly relocated from one venue to another, that makes our Grandstand extremely cost-effective. Our

Grandstand can be used for:

  • Stadium Grandstand
  • Racetrack Grandstand
  • Festival Grandstand
  • Athletic games Grandstand
  • Church Grandstand
  • Concert Grandstand
  • Indoor Grandstand
  • Outdoor Grandstand
  • Etc…

Pakar Seating Grandstand will match your needs and suit your budget for any project in the world. We produced Grandstand for numerous projects worldwide and our extensive experience will make your project the most successful one possible. We know what type of Grandstand will be suitable for your project and we will plan the whole  implementation efficiently. Get in touch with us today, we will be glad to assist you with your Grandstand project!

Examples of projects that can use Pakar Seating Grandstand:

Grandstand for Stadium

Seating solution for Beach Volley

Grandstand for Beach Volley

Seating Solution for Racing Track

Grandstand for Racing Track

Grandstand Bleacher solution for Festival

Grandstand for Festivals

Permanent Grandstand

Permanent Grandstand

Grandstand for Tennis Court

Grandstand for Golf

Grandstand for Golf

Grandstand for Futsal

Grandstand for Futsal

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