Each Truss T4 support 4 rows of 4 seat spacing between rows is 750mm. Truss 3.00m length, hot dipped galvanized high tensile strength steel tube. The structure is fully welded to produce a rigid framework. Frames are inter-locked together horizontally .

They are constructed from hot dipped galvanized high tensile strength steel pipe diameter 48.3mm x 3.2mm with locking pins.

Deck Units [Platform]
Deck units [platform] are made of 12mm thick anti-slip phenolic film faced-plywood. The plywood is supported and bolted on 3 units SHS 38mm x 38mm x 3mm thick. When installed in the grandstand, deck units are captive with the frame cleats and provided self-interlocking system.

Base Jacks
Base Jacks are constucted from 38mm diameter thick hot dipped galvanized steel bar with a base plate 150mm x 150mm x 6mm. Base Jacks may be incorporated to provide for a maximum total adjustment range of which ensures that the structure is capable of being used safely on virtually any ground contour.

Seat Units
Steel framed seat units are fixed to the frame units with integral hooks and are locked onto the frame with a hidden locking bolt. The seat units when not in use are designed so that they nest intimately together to provide extremely compact storage. Seats are made of U.V. stabilized Polypropylene with bright and smooth appearance. 3 type of seats:

  • Bucket seat : clearway : 350mm; seat spacing 450mm 05r 500mm. Seat rest 360mm
  • Tip-Up seat : clearway : 500mm; seat spacing 500mm seat pans 410mm deep and 425mm wide seat rest : 400mm high and 425mm wide
  • VIP seat with armrest seat spacing 600mm

Balustrades and Safety Rails
Side balustrades are connected to the deck units and to the frame and are positioned to provide a barrier height of 1100mm above the deck level. Front and rear balustrades area connected to high-strength posts that are connected directly to the high-strength post. Imposed load of barriers : 1kN/m to 2kN/m.

Aisles and Gangways
Aisles and Gangways are generously proportioned to provide for clear unobstructed access. The access can be provided by front staircase, rear staircase, internal staircase or ramp. The modular Pakar Staircase get used to any ground conditions. Latest regulations concerning safety barriers, live load and guardrails load are met.

Special Platform :
The Pakar grandstand system is designed to allow special platforms for:

  • Disabled people
  • Press desk
  • Camera
  • Control platform
  • VIP area and VIP box

Roof :
The Pakar Grandstand can be equipped with The Pakar Roof : 1 steel load-bearing structure [Column and Frame] and membrane fabric [PVDF coated polyester fabric]. This construction combines the advantages of lightweight structure – quick in assembling with the strength, security and finishing of a permanent building.

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